Rob Antus “Ranger Rob”

Rob Antus was born in Illions and raised in Gilbert, AZ.

At, the age of  six, he announced to his parents that he was going to become a actor.

Two years later, his teacher informed his mother that Rob was having trouble with his legs. She said that he  was not always able to stand. His mother, not being aware of this had an immediate discussion with him. Rob proceeded to explan that the classroom needed some comedy, so he happily took on the role and said, "I am playing Chevy Chase".

In 2001, he moved to Hollywood, CA. Relying on his adventurous spirit, he did not sit back and wait for things to happen. He pursued stand-up comedy, and voice over. His first stand-up was at the world famous Comedy Store in West Hollywood. Then utilizing his fun, fast paced, fully animated show, he received notice around Los Angeles and began getting booked all over town.

He countinues working hard toward his dream of entertaining. He wants to make a difference and will through hard work, determination, and his fun adventurous spirit. 

Other film credits include "The Umbrella Man, "Secret Santa Deluxe", "Sigmund" and "The Wrong Side Of The Bed" written and directed by Tim Balko.



Andrew Osburn
Producer/Writer -- IMDB

Andrew was born in San Diego, California, and grew up in Tempe, Arizona.  He always wanted to be an actor but didn’t get started until his early 20’s and hasn’t stopped yet.  Andrew has appeared in community and regional theater in the Phoenix Area, including roles with Southwest Shakespeare Company, Shakespeare Sedona, and Desert Rose Theatre.  He has also done several independent films and a few local commercials in  Arizona and New Mexico.  Andrew now adds writer and producer to his list of credits with RANGER ROB, which began as an inside joke based on the day job of Andrew's life-long friend, Rob Antus.  Now it has turned into a real film…really!  He hopes that others enjoy the film as much as he and Rob did making it.

Andrew currently trains at the “Megaw Actors Studio” in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Tim Balko

Tim Balko is a graduate of The Los Angeles Film School where he majored in Directing. "Ranger Rob: The Movie" is Tim's third short film. His other films are entitled "The Wrong Side of the Bed" (2006, 16 min.) and "Death Rents Here" (2002 30 min.). The Wrong Side of the Bed, also starring Rob Antus was purchased by MiniMovie Channel in 2007 and is coming soon to as well as television overseas.

Cory Yee

Cory Yee is a Cinematographer who started his career in the Gaffing and Grip side. After doing that, he found that Camera related duties (AC and DP) were more to his liking, but retained the lighting experience. 

On the Directing side, Cory has taken a strong liking to Writing and Directing Superhero Comedies, with his first short titled "A Superhero Story."

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Kitchitty Katchitty
"Show stealing womanizer"

"puppet designed by Lucy Hwang"